Audie's Professional Hair Studio

I worked here for months for free so I could learn the trade from this inspirational barber. This place was home for two years, and I mean home!  Often working long days for an endless stream of client. From 8am to 12 midnight - days like these were not uncommon - hence I call it my Lucozade years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved cutting hair there. I was mentored to dream big and achieve by Audie Cummings and with this fire in my belly I felt like the chair was holding me back in Tottenham – I had so much more to give. I had unquenchable ambition to be the best version of myself. Seeking bigger opportunities, I studied to be a qualified hairdresser and barber at Enfield College, before I headed to London’s West End. 

So here’s the thing - without meaningful mentors through out my life I would never have achieved my goals or have the correct mindset. Don’t overlook your personal development, build your success with a strong team. Mentorship is key.

Oh no! My first college competition...