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I had big dreams of becoming a session stylist, but this sort of opportunity does not come easy and might I add was virtually non-existent for a barber. 25 years ago, when I started barbering, all my hair heroes were hairdressers. Hairdressers travelled the world, worked in fashion – it was really sexy to be a hairdresser. Perhaps not so much a barber; a perception I wanted to change. I wanted to be pioneering that change – to live and breathe its evolution. I had a unique skill set and I knew that I could offer something different. So I spent a many years working on building a strong profile, getting ready for the opportunity. And boy did an opportunity come. I was asked to be the Creative Director of Hair for Ozwald Boateng OBE,  one of the most famous British specialists in men's fashion. He was named Best Designer of Men's Clothes by British Fashion Awards, and was also awarded a Queen Elizabeth II Medal for his special contribution to the fashion industry. You too can make it happen. To learn the secrets of mega profile building techniques read my profile boosting blog.  


I believe abundance is possible for everyone. As hair professionals we can often feel alone and isolated, not quite sure how to get to where we are going. I'm here to support you, listen to you, and help provide you with a roadmap to success. I've got your back, always. 

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The ability to capture and incorporate the essence of emerging fashion trends has become increasingly in demand by editors in that sector of the press. Over the years, I have been instrumental in enabling the media to translate fashion trends and issues in men’s hairstyling and grooming, to stylists and the general public. As a result, my collections, advice and commentary have been syndicated across a wide variety of industry publications, including a regular column in Professional Hairdresser Magazine for over 7 years, in my role as Male Grooming expert.


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Do you have dreams of showing the nation your skills? 

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So here’s the thing - without meaningful mentors in my life I would never have achieved my goals have the correct mindset don’t overlook your personal development- build your success in a strong team.

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