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Over the past 20 years I have worked in London’s West End as a Head Stylist at some of the most prestigious male grooming emporiums in the UK. During this time, my own philosophy on the world of elite grooming and ‘high fashion’ men’s hairdressing has greatly evolved. The Foss Academy was borne out of my passion to challenge conventional barbering education, cultivate stylists to offer elite services, and utilise revolutionary training methods to push creative boundaries. I have shared this philosophy all around the world.


Hey guys, we want to give you the opportunity to sample one of our courses that is absolutely FREE. This is a six part video course on the Classic Gentleman's Haircut, that will be emailed to you over a period of two weeks.


Celebrity hairstylist, Sasha Mosafeer, visited me at The Refinery in 2017. Having loved the concept so much, he asked me to go over and take it to his salon group, Maison Sasha in Mauritius. Having seen the growth of male grooming in the UK, Sasha realised that Mauritius was somewhat lacking, so decided to create the very first male grooming concept on the island. I headed over to this beautiful island nation and took my elite training to the team from the three Maison Sasha salons - something that had never been done before! With a bespoke training programme, creating a protocol for the salons’ male grooming offering, I covered everything from skincare, routine and aftercare, through to creating Maison Sasha’s signature treatments tailor-made for them. A press launch was held for the new male grooming menu at the flagship store in Curepipe, and every local press institution covered this brand new launch.

Of the launch, Sasha said, “From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Chris for the incredible training for my team. Since we started another service just yesterday, we’ve already had 10 luxury shave clients! For me education always comes first, and this proves how important it is.”

Norway H2 Salons

So here i'm working with the lovely team at H2 Salon group in Norway that employ over 250 hairdressers. As an industry expert educator I was invited over to reignite the barbering buzz in Trondheim. I provided bespoke education and delivered the first live webinar across 2000 salons in Scandinavia. Something that has never been done before.  

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