How To Market A Barbershop Shave Service

The media used the term ‘metrosexual’ widely in the 90’s to describe a new kind of man. These men were thought to spend serious time and money on their appearance. But thankfully that label is now redundant. The fact of the matter is, that most men have a great general grooming routine. It is no longer exclusive to the so-called ‘metrosexual’ but for the everyday man.

 With the rise of male only grooming emporiums these establishments have made it possible for the modern man to feel at ease with grooming. Take shaving for instance, in the 80’s/90’ s we were on the border of losing the skill of a barbershop shave. For several reasons the skills involved were not being passed down to the younger generations, placing the barbershop shave close to extinction. This is why training and education is vital for the growth of our industry. Enriching your skills and deepening your knowledge will always have a positive affect on you and ultimately the business. As an educator I have noticed an upward trend of barbers/men’s hairdressers wanting to learn and develop the skill of a professional shave.

 Shaving has gone from being a functional hair removal procedure to an important part of every man’s grooming regime. This has come about from the vast knowledge we now have in skincare for men and the complimentary products to go alongside this.

The introduction of shaving in a grooming establishment allows the exchange of advice and tips for a general facial skincare routine.


How To Market the Service

Men are accustomed to think in a form and function way. So while they are in your chair you need to promote the benefits of a professional shave and how changing their routine will ultimately benefit their skin.

 Now, there is also a second level of marketing, a level that should not be ignored. This is promoting the experience of a traditional wet shave. Aimed at partners wanting to pamper and treat their loved ones or introducing them to try something different. These can often be sold as a gift experience or grooming packages. Most importantly the emphasis of the wording should be on the experience and the pampering they will receive.

 You can also provide packages for young men who are starting the relentless daily routine of shaving. The packages will include essential grooming advice to guide them into becoming a man.

 Here are some stats for those lads:

 ·      The average man will shave approximately 20,000 times over the course of his life

·      The poor chap will have to shave off 27ft of hair and spend the equivalent of 139 full days of shaving - in my case, I’m sure I’ll spend 141 days…oh well lets not split hairs!

chris foster