What do Akon, P Diddy and Usher have in common? Apart from being huge fashion and style icons they have a similar look, which is a low cut Caesar with deep waves. 

Through the decades black men have sported push waves, curly perms and most recently texturized waves. Texturizers can be used in a very effective way to enhance natural waves making hair look super shiny.


Texturizers are a mild form of relaxer and are great for guys who just want to add extra glamour to their look.

Because of Afro hair is naturally curly the light diffuses in the hair. When the hair is texturized the natural curl is straightened so that light has a smoother surface in which to bounce off. This will give a high shine finish.  Texturizers work differently on different types of hair. For guys with short hair a texturizer will loosen your natural wave pattern.

For guys who have slightly longer hair, texturizers will work to loosen your natural curl given better manageability and versatility. However texturizers can only enhance your natural curl they cannot add curl to your hair. The best way to see what type of curl you can achieve is to check when the hair is wet e.g. after shampooing. 

Hair By Chris Foster

Texturizers can also be used to blow out natural hair. This technique keeps more of the natural Afro texture making the hair softer and more manageable this is great for Afros, braids and twist styles. 

Top tips:


  • For the best results I would always recommend visiting a barber/stylist that fully understands the texturizing process.
  • Remember texturizers are a mild relaxer, if used incorrectly they will relax the hair!
  • Cutting the hair before texturizing will get rid of previously processed hair and reduce the risk of over processing.
  • Make sure you maintain your wave pattern. On short hair a good wave building technique is to use a small toothcomb from the crown of the head. 

Work downwards in a zigzag motion. Followed by a wave brush. This is a good way of producing that 360 degrees wave pattern that everyone loves.

chris foster