Grooming Is Only Skin Deep

Practising the art of the professional shave is one of my passions. I enjoy teaching this particular subject in salons and barbers shops up and down the country. As a service I believe the art of shaving professionally has had a real renascent over the years.  Recently barbers are well supported with fantastic skin care products. The professional barber is in an excellent position to advise clients. 


Companies such as The Refinery, Acqua di Parma and Maxwells Apothecary provide high quality products to support the advice given from the barbers’ chair. After a professional shave the client can maintain his skin care routine at home. A good daily maintenance routine is the best gift a man can give himself and is the best way to prepare their skin for a shave. It is key, to establish exactly what type of skin your client has. This in turn will help them to choose the right products to get the best possible shave.


Providing a professional shave service puts you the professional in the perfect position to recommend the correct products for your clients. In turn increasing revenue to the salon and maintaining the professional respect from your clients.


We all have different types of skin; oily, dry, sensitive combination skin and premature ageing.  Here are a few types you will find in your chair. 


Oily skin


Oily skin takes on a shiny appearance. This is because individuals with oily skin tend to have overactive sebaceous glands leaving the surface very shiny. Dark skin tones usually fall into this category. This skin type is prone to pimples, ingrown hair and blackheads due to dilated pores that can become blocked. Recommend a cleanser that is not too harsh. Harsh cleansers will exacerbate the problem stripping too much moisture from the skin, disturbing the skins pH balance- Causing the skin to go into sebum over drive producing more oil to maintain it’s balance…as you can see not helping the problem! Recommend the client use an oil- free moisturiser in the morning and especially at night.

Sensitive skin


The tell tale signs of sensitive skin is evident by redness allergic reactions and inflammation. Sensitive skin can have different reactions particularly to things like a change in weather, poor diet, chemicals, dirt and stress. Treat this skin type with care; never use anything that is too harsh. Stick to products that are as natural as possible and away from anything that has strong chemicals or fragrances.


Dry Skin


Dry skin is caused by a lack of sebum oil. This skin type can be harder to shave. This is due to the fact that the pores are much tighter. The skin is prone to premature ageing and will develop wrinkles faster than any other type of skin. Encourage the client to use moisturisers that are rich in natural vegetable oils and essential oils. A hydrating mask can help to replenish lost moisture.


Skin Deep Tips:


Sell the routine and not the products. By selling a good grooming routine, clients will buy the products that support the suggested routine.


If selling a product don’t talk about each ingredient endlessly. Stick to the benefits, keep it simple. 


Satisfy customer’s concerns with professional advice and product solutions 



Male skin is 30% thicker than female skin because of facial hair and hormonal changes. It is important to recommend products that are specially formulated for male no nicking from the Mrs. Tell ‘em to buy their own!


With all the knowledge on skin care and products out there on the Internet and men’s mags. It can be a minefield for most guys to choose the right products or have the correct routine. Some men find it hard to communicate that they need help in this area.  I still believe that men still take advice from their grooming professionals; this is why it's so important to understand and expand your knowledge on shaving, skin care and men's grooming products. 

After all, they’re your clients and they're worth it!


chris foster