The Best Shaving Methods for Black Skin

In the last edition of Black Hair Magazine I asked the question: To Wet or Dry Shave?

I hope my guide to wet shaving helped to achieve a smoother and closer shave.

However there is a large percentage of black men who just cannot wet shave because their skin is simply too sensitive due to the curly nature of afro hair. It tends to curl back on it self and then re-enters the skin.


There are different types of electrical razors you can use for your dry shave.


Clippers and Trimmers

Clippers are ideal for very sensitive skin or skin susceptible to razor bumps. Unlike wet shaving electrical clippers never get super close but work better on dry hair. You can use a shaving primer before shaving too soften the whiskers. There are certain parts of your face and neck that are more sensitive than others. If you have shaving bumps in one area of your face ensure you shave the unaffected areas first then the affected last to ensure there is no cross infection.


Foil Headed Electrical Razors

Foil headed electrical razors yield a much closer shave. You can opt for a wet/dry razor. Combine it with pre-shave oil or a good quality shaving cream. They will provide your skin with the protection and the lubrication it needs during the shaving process.



First shave after a shower when your pores are open and clean. Next apply a pre- shave product this lubricates the skin. If you have existing razor bumps the oil coats the skin so that the electric razor simply glides over. Use a steady consistent motion .Too much pressure on the razor will irritate the skin by removing too many skin cells. Excessive pressure can result in razor burn and razor bumps. As the razor passes over the skin microscopic folds and ridges of skin are lifted. It is important to cleanse the skin after shaving and use a scrub twice a week to remove excess skin on the face. Failure to remove this layer of excess dry skin can contribute to in growing hair.


Remember to clean and sterilize all your equipment