Going grey is part and parcel of getting older; for some men this can be quite a worry...if only we could turn back the hands of time. Does grey hair worry you?  A survey of British men by market research firm, Mintel, found that three-quarters of men (75%) aged between 45 and 54 worry about their hair turning grey.

When you see the first grey hair appear on your head, you may be tempted to probably pull it out.  Don’t! The action of pulling out the hair can distort and damage the hair follicle and the replacement hair that will eventually grow takes longer to regenerate.

Silver Fox Celebrities, like Gerard Butler and George Clooney are embracing their natural grey look. Even younger celebrities like Olympic athlete, Tom Daley, has been photographed sporting grey hair, but, if the ‘Silverlock’ and the three bears doesn’t work for you.

Here are a few options.

Before you start colouring your hair there are a few things you need to consider. I would always recommend to consult a professional Colourist before attempting to dye your own hair. They will have the skills and knowledge to get the colour right the first time; with that said here are your options:

Camouflage Colour - This works as a camouflage for grey hair. This product will not get rid of your greys merely tone them down so it won’t look so obvious that your hair has been coloured. This product is great if you don’t want the office gossip to be about you and your hair.  This type of product gradually fades and generally it lasts between 8-12 shampoos. Or lasts about one month. For some guys this is about the same time they will need to get another haircut so the timing is perfect for no one to notice.

Semi-Permanent Colour – If you have less than 50% grey coverage, then this product will be ideal for you. It will not dramatically change your natural colour. The colour will gradually fade lasting between 12-14 washes.

Permanent Colour - The colour is permanent as the name suggests. This product is perfect if your looking for a stronger permanent result to greys or if you want to change your hair colour completely. You will need to re-colour your roots every 6 weeks as your hair grows. You can also comb on permanent colour tint on grey hair for that salt and pepper effect. If your going to use a home kit, please, please read the instructions carefully and carry out the allergy tests. Ruining your hair should be never be an option.