Chris Foster Takes New York By Storm

: Chris Foster and the British Barbers’ Association took their education Stateside this Spring, as they continue to go global with their training.


Not even a snowstorm could keep Chris Foster from providing his male grooming expertise to a dedicated audience of US barbers and hairstylists this spring.

Chris, who was named Most Wanted’s first ever Male Grooming Specialist in 2016, headed to New York during one of the worst snowstorms of recent years, in a trip supported by the British Barbers’ Association (BBA).


As creative director for the BBA, Chris’s role sees him develop strong links with other countries and provide the very best of British barbering skills to audience across the globe.


This February, his role took him to New York, where educators and salon owners from across the US descended on the snowy city for education from Chris and the BBA.


Beyond just providing barbering education, Chris and the BBA are dedicated to ‘educating the educator’, so those who attend his classes can return to their own academies and salons to share the expertise.


Covering both classic and contemporary techniques, trends and styles, Chris’s education left attendees inspired and ready to take their new-found skills back to their salons across the country.


Chris says: “I think that we in Britain have the legacy of great British hairdressing, which is truly iconic and respected around the world. The creative excellence of our hairdressing has always travelled well; it’s a very strong export and it’s always appealing to others. As the British Barbers’ Association, it’s important for us to travel and share our knowledge. We want to pass it on to people in other countries, so they can get even better at what they do, with our help.


“The British barbering industry is steeped in heritage, and that’s part of what’s appealing to others. It’s one of the oldest industries in the world and the oldest barber shop is right here in London – that heritage of male grooming is unsurpassed and that’s what people buy into. We’re proud at the BBA to be able to offer an insight into that world through our education.”