“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”


I am a profile coach, consultant, and speaker. I specialise in career development for hair professionals - turning around team performance and profitability for small and midsize organisations.

I work with creative professionals to help them illuminate their points of difference - they bring me in when they are...

  • striving to achieve a significant impact within the hair industry and know they can earn more by building a strong industry profile, but just don’t know how to start.

  • frustrated with the lack of opportunities around them. There is no one to help them, no one to support them, They have huge ambition but have no strategies for moving forward. 

  • committed to finding how they can travel the world and get paid to share their passion through brand ambassador roles, shows and photoshoots like some of their hairdressing and barbering icons. 

  • under significant pressure to eliminate the restraints of having one source of income. They realise that they can no longer work the long hours attached to trying to achieve this.

  • frustrated with feeling stuck in a rut even when they have accomplished careers. They are in need of fresh ideas; an outside perspective particularly around productivity and developing new business.

  • finally tired of years behind the chair,  and starting to suffer with health issues and they need to explore different revenue streams.

I provide career and profile coaching and I am typically hired by individuals, but in the right circumstances work with salons/companies. I speak on a variety of topics pertinent to succeeding at new business development. Clients experience tremendous success and rave about my work because my approach is very different from what you normally be honest no one really does this type of work. I am the go-to expert in profile building that maximises business opportunities.  

Chris Foster

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 Why me?

So here is why I do this work, my life experience has led me to this point. I quite literally have done it all. I am an internationally recognised multi award-winning barber that has worked as Creative Director in some of the finest 5 star male grooming emporiums in London. I have worked with a host of top celebrity clients, created my own successful academy, worked on a number of movies, presented on TV and been an ambassador for the hair council.

I have developed my own products and am a former director of the British Barbers’ Association. I’ve worked on some of the biggest fashion shows globally...I’ve played the game at the highest level, so I can help you. I’ve spent 25 years building a very successful career in hair. I’ve now committed the next 25 to fulfilling the dreams of others. I believe it’s my purpose to create real value in people’s lives and make a positive meaningful impact with my work, a work that I’m truly dedicated to. 


Let’s face it: creating an elite industry profile is hard work there is no silver bullet to success. Every now and then we just need a little extra help, encouragement, and advice from someone who has already been there.

 That’s where I come in.

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“Before January 2016, I was struggling to break through into the world of hairdressing. It was like banging my head against a brick wall after many years of trying. Then I saw an opportunity where The Foss Academy were doing a mentoring programme and I began what was to be a life changing role with Mr Chris Foster. When I was working with Chris, I learnt everything from, stage presence, a structured way to teach education, how to present properly, how to work social media platforms and even how to market yourself so the big companies notice you. On top of this, which was the biggest thing that Chris installed in me was Confidence. I certainly lacked in this area so when he allowed me to pick at his mindset, I really started to see the benefits. I never had confidence and Chris really helped me develop myself in this area to the point of being in front of a camera was no longer scary but more so having the belief that even I could achieve ANYTHING. Chris was an amazing mentor to me and I will forever be grateful. He opened some very important doors for me. Those doors I was struggling to open but as soon as Chris did, then this helped me to get noticed and the only way my career has gone from there is up. Since January 2016, I have worked London Fashion Weeks, I have won many awards, I have also had many many publications including some of the finest front covers for the likes of HJ men and to top it off I now get to travel the world and live my dream.”

Sam Wall, Winner of the American Crew All-Star Challenge




  • Personalised Welcome to Coaching Roadmap to help you peel back the layers and get real with what’s holding you back and the magic you’re going to create during our time together!

  • One 30 minute call where we will kick off our coaching series, set intentions and get crystal freakin’ clear on your goals and values.

  • Book recommendations and customise tool kits and resources to guide you through — get ready to get the job done!

  • Customised weekly/monthly action steps to guide you on your journey.


Hair by Chris Foster


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