The Foss Academy

Over the past 20 years I have worked in London’s West End as a Head Stylist at some of the most prestigious male grooming emporiums in the UK. During this time, my own philosophy on the world of elite grooming and ‘high fashion’ men’s hairdressing has greatly evolved. The Foss Academy was borne out of my passion to challenge conventional barbering education, cultivate stylists to offer elite services, and utilise revolutionary training methods to push creative boundaries.

The Foss Academy online school takes my education philosophy a step further and provides an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience to a broader range of hairdressing professionals. Those accessing the portal can find detailed video contents on elite male grooming as well as hairstyling techniques. Topics include: luxury wet shaving, beard trimming, facial massage techniques, threading, waxing facial hair as well as ‘how-to’ guides, to create both current and classic hairstyles.