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The ability to capture and incorporate the essence of emerging fashion trends has become increasingly in demand by editors in that sector of the press. Over the years, I have been instrumental in enabling the media to translate fashion trends and issues in men’s hairstyling and grooming, to stylists and the general public. As a result, my collections, advice and commentary have been syndicated across a wide variety of industry publications including a regular column in Professional Hairdresser Magazine for over 7 years, in my role as Male Grooming expert.

Some of my articles allow me to share with you how to get that front cover collection and get editors to fall in love with your work.  

The thing is - being able to write for magazines adds a huge amount of trust and credibility when building a top industry profile. If you can’t write for magazine then blog. Share your knowledge and expertise any way you can. Let everyone know how magnificent you are. Download my top guide for the ultimate profile building strategies. 

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Chris always brings amazing energy and passion as a host. He has an in-depth knowledge of the men’s grooming market and his lively, engaging nature creates dynamic atmosphere at any event
— Roger Vallve Marketing Manager Revlon Professional Brands Uk & Ireland

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For more than five decades, Pivot Point has been a leader in beauty education, fostering over 1 million individuals on six continents, as they create sustainable careers within the hair and beauty industry.

As a global publisher of hair and beauty education, Pivot Point was committed to have a global perspective in the education development for the Pivot Point Fundamentals Barbering program.
It was important to us to have an expert barber from the UK involved together with other expert Barbers from the US and Canada. Chris was a perfect fit for our project, due to his broad knowledge on traditional British barbering and men’s hairdressing, as well as his own international experience as a barber, session stylist and educator. Pivot Point education is always about logic and predictability, which means we go beyond understanding how a haircut, a shave or a style should be done, we want to know why to do it a certain way, and how to adapt for different client’s needs. Chris was very forthcoming and shared his expertise passionately at times with humor and always with enthusiasm.
— Sabine Held-Perez Senior Director, Education Innovation


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