The unlikely movie philosopher Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get,”  but is this true?  When I started out in this industry I had many hopes, dreams, fears and frustrations. Allow me to share my story and my work. I am CHRIS FOSTER...

I’m a multi-award winning barber, speaker, entrepreneur, product creator, father to two beautiful children, husband to my wonderful wife of twenty years, a career coach, and most importantly, an imperfect child of a loving and gracious God.  My greatest passion is my family and working to craft a life filled with joy and purpose for others. 

So, here is why I do this work: my life experience has led me to this point. I believe it’s my purpose to create real value in people’s lives and make a positive meaningful impact with my work, a work that I’m truly dedicated to. 

I guess I have my name to blame for that. You see, the definition of foster is to care for and encourage the development of something, especially something desirable...So I call my work FOSTER CARE.

I’ve spent 25 years building a very successful career in hair. I’ve now committed the next 25 to fulfilling the dreams of others. I'm the EXPERT in profile building strategy.