Babyliss Pro-file

So here I am as the Creative Director for the Babyliss Pro Forfex clipper range, and I must say I’m really proud of all the things I accomplished with this company. 

To be honest, most of the time I was absolutely scared out of my wits because it was the first time I had to plan all my shows working without a team. 

I had to present the brand on stage as a platform artist and a brand ambassador. My responsibilities also included working with their PR team to create photographic imagery for the brand. 

My stage work was at Salon International, U.K.’s largest hairdressing and beauty show. l had no team, just me presenting a one hour slot three or four times over the show days at Salon International. This gig gave me the opportunity to master the concept of presenting on stage both educating and entertaining my audience. That experience was invaluable for me. It gave me a real understanding of the complexities of organising and presenting shows on huge platforms. 

chris foster