At Audie's Professional Hair Studio, I worked here for months for free so I could learn the trade from this inspirational barber. This place was home for two years, and I mean home!  Often working long days for an endless stream of clients. 9am to 12 midnight, days like these were not uncommon, I call it my Lucozade year’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, I loved cutting hair there, but I felt like the chair was holding me back – I had so much more to give. I had quenchable ambition to be the best version of myself. Seeking bigger opportunities, I studied to be a qualified hairdresser and barber at Enfield College, headed to London’s West End. However, I quickly realised that barbering was not seen in the same light as hairdressing, having the same cachet. So I decided to change and focus on men's hairdressing/barbering helping to push the boundaries and the perception of one of the oldest professions on earth. And things are changing within the male grooming industry over the past few years male grooming is the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry.